Gold IRA Rollover

What Is A Silver Or Gold IRA Rollover?

You can now place gold or silver into a “Self Directed IRA” as oppose a “Traditional IRA”.   With a Traditional IRA this typically invested in Stocks,  Bonds  & Mutual Funds.  In a Self Directed IRA this is an alternative investment options where holders of this type of IRA typically invest (not limited to these listed) in real estate,  a business,   gold & silver, options and future markets.  Which is good news for the many people with IRA’s – this means gold and or silver can be placed into an IRA and bullet proof your retirement portfolio in years to come.

What Is An IRA Rollover?

A Gold IRA rollover is if you decide to cash in your current IRA,  your custodian will then send you a check for the total amount of funds in your IRA account,  you will then be given 60 days to rollover to a new IRA.  During this 60-day period,  you must use the funds to set up a new IRA.  If you exceed the 60 day rollover period,  you will be liable to pay taxes and penalties on the funds withdrawn.  Unfortunately, this is US federal law and the fines imposed can be heavy.

Can I Transfer Into A Gold IRA Rollover?

Yes,  IRA’s can be transferred to from one custodian to another.  This is the preferred method as oppose going through with a Gold IRA rollover.   Your current custodian will transfer the funds in to your new IRA account via your new custodian.  The advantage this has over the rollover option is you don’t have to worry about the 60 day period as this will not apply to you.  

The transfer from one IRA to you new IRA is quite seamless and simple.

Ask your current custodian for the transfer paperwork.  Fill out the forms,  sign it,  and return it to your current custodian.  The custodian then transfers the funds in the IRA directly to us as your new custodian.  We will then use those funds to purchase gold or silver.  Please Note:   The check from the current custodian must be the same exact name of the trustee or custodian of the new Gold IRA account which will receives the new funds.

With both Gold IRA Rollover and transferred IRA’s you do not need to transfer the whole plan.  Partial withdrawals or transfers are permitted,  which is also a great way to invest your IRA  in silver,  gold,  palladium.

There are no penalties or taxes to pay when you transfer a Traditional IRA to a Self Directed IRA

Where Can I Buy Silver Or Gold IRA Rollover?

Here’s the good news – we don’t actually send the precious metal to you.   Once you have given the green light to buy gold or silver,  there are two options are available right now:

  1. Physical Gold or Silver  – This can purchased on your behalf.  However, it must remain in guardianship at a federal silver repository until you reach retirement age.  After this time, should you wish to recieve the silver this can be posted to you.
  2. Gold or Silver Certificates – A certificate will state,  you own a certain amount of silver held in the secure vaults of a bullion  company.   When retirement age is upon you,  these certificates can then be exchanged for physical silver,  which will then be shipped to you.

How To Bullet Proof Your IRA…

People of pensionable age have seen thousands wiped off their traditional IRA’s whilst invested in Mutual Funds, Stocks and Share Options.  The year 2016 is going to be very interesting with 2.2 million pensioners reaching the age 70.5 years old.  This means 2.2 million baby boomer IRA’s will start to cause a run on the US stock markets.  With gold or silver in your IRA you will be in a great position to bullet-proof your Gold IRA Rollover plan as the cash from the IRA alone will not be adequate for you to enjoy  retirement.  


Silver or Gold IRA Rollover or Transfers to a Self Directed IRA is an incredible way to top up your retirement plan using precious metals.  Contact us  today if you have any questions about how we can help make this happen.  The sooner you are invested in silver or gold,  the better you will enjoy the benefits of one of the most stable and profitable investments around.


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