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An In-depth Regal Assets Review

Unless you have investments like Warren Buffet you maybe looking to secure your retirement portfolio, then you must read the rest of this article to protect your retirement years. In this article we’ll carry out a Regal Assets Review, to see if what they claim is true and weather this is the right company for you to transfer or rollover your IRA over to them.

Regal Assets is an official IRA Gold & Silver company. Based in Burbank CA, Contact Telephone No: 1-877-962-1133 with precious metal trading floors in Los Angeles and London, RA specializes in helping you transfer or rollover, silver or gold into your IRA, safely, securely and without the tax burden. The Regal Assets Review team has a combined 50 years of industry knowledge and experience between them.

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Independent Regal Assets Review

Let’s review what independent bodies make of Regal Assets:

In addition to being BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited Regal Assets has a:

  • On a Scale from A to F with BBBRegal Assets scores an A+
  • On a Scale from AAA to F with BCA (Business Consumer Alliance) – Regal Assets scores an AAA
  • Over 537 Positive Feedbacks on Independent Review Site – TrustLink
  • Ranked 20 out of 500 company’s for Financial Services on Inc. Magazine
  • Featured in Forbes Magazines (June 24th 2013)
  • Complaints Received So Far – Zero


Regal Assets Review – Customer Testimonials

Let’s see what customers are saying in this Regal Assets Review:

Highly Recommended! I went to Regal Assets because of a poor experience at another company, and I was glad I did. I noticed that Regal Assets had much higher ratings than that other company, and one phone call made me understand why. The professionalism and assistance received from Collin and others on the team was excellent from beginning to end. Thanks for a great buying experience!” – David K.

“I recently ended my employment and had to roll over my 401K. I decided to put it into a precious metals IRA and did lots of research. I found Regal Assets to be one of the better companies regarding customer satisfaction. I made some calls to many different companies, but none treated me as well as Christian Howard of Regal Assets. He did not behave like a cheap car salesman who wanted to grab my money. He is a professional. He was honest and up front about all the materials, process, and answers to my questions. He treated me with care and respect.” – Andrea L.

“No pressure good information. Regal Assets was a breath of fresh air. I had called many gold and silver companies, who were high pressure sales types. Charles T. applied no pressure at all and provided excellent information on helping me understand paper currency vs. precious metals and how precious metals preserve wealth. He provided sources of information on the Internet. I made numerous calls with many questions and he was amazingly patient. Charles T. is the reason I will continue to use Regal Assets. Charles T. is on my list of trustworthy individuals that make a company great. I will continue to communicate with Charles in the future because of these qualities. Ed H.

Regal Asset Review Investment Options

The minimum investment package for your IRA’s start at $10,000 climbing up to $250,000+. Depending on your financial goals the Regal Assets Review team will achieve a tailor made package to suit your needs. For straight forward precious metal investments (outside of your IRA) a minimum spend of $5000, will buy a ‘Merchant Package’. If you are looking to protect your 401K, IRA, 403B, TSP or SEP you can now add IRS approved gold and silver bullion and coins.

Regal Assets ReviewIRA figures

Regal Assets Review Of Security & Transportation

All silver and gold purchased outside your retirement account are delivered to your address, within 7 business days on receipt of account funds and delivery is fully insured. For this type of purchase Regal Assets accepts four payment methods; Cashier’s Check, Personal Check, Bank Wire or a Money Order.

The precious metals in your retirement account is wholly owned by you and can receive them in your possession at any time. Allocated storage is the best way to store your silver, gold, palladium and platinum because you are the direct owner of the precious metals. Regal Assets or any other third-party has no ownership in your precious metals and your receipt is your title to ownership which is stored on your behalf.

For all IRA accounts, storage is completely segregated and all metals are allocated. The government considers precious metals the same as cash within your retirement portfolio, and if you were to physically receive them you would have to pay a tax penalty. If you decided to cash in your 401k / IRA before the age of 59 ½ you would incur further tax penalties. To navigate around this your precious metals are held in a government approved storage facility of your choice and when the right time comes this can be cashed in and delivered to your address.

Regal Assets Review Pricing

In this Regal Assets Review the pricing structure is very important to it’s customers and RA prices are as follows:

  • Set Up Fee – Free
  • Admin Fees – $100 Per Year
  • Storage Fees – $150 Per Year
  • Minimum IRA investment – $10,000
  • Minimum Precious Metal Purchases (Outside Of an IRA account) – $5000
  • Buy Back Precious Metals Above Spot Price
  • SPECIAL PROMOTION – First Year Fees Waived

Other Gold / Silver IRA companies price structure may start off just as competitive, but there prices are scalable dependent on the amount of precious metals purchased, with storage fees on top also being scalable. In the long run you will end up paying more with other companies. In this Regal Assets Review I’ve searched high and low, so you don’t have too. RA’s costs are one of the best price structures in the field, you’ll be hard pressed to find a honest, flat fee, ultra-low cost anywhere.

Regal Assets Review Timescales

  • New IRA – 24 Hours
  • IRA Transfer – 48 Hours
  • 401K Rollover – Within 30 Days
  • Bullion / Coin Delivery – 7 Days
  • Free Gold Kit & Forbes Issues – 7 Days

New self-directed IRA’s can be set up in as little as 24 hours. With IRA transfers this can take 48 hrs as the outgoing custodian has to be contacted. A 401K rollover must be completed within 30 days or will be liable for government tax penalty.


Regal Assets Review Summary

In this Regal Assets Review, I’m sure you will agree RA is one the best, honest and established IRA Gold & Silver company’s. An incredible flat fee structure so you don’t have to worry about increased charges as your portfolio increases in wealth. Excellent customer services with the feedback to match, with the proof in the pudding with zero complaints received so far. A fast setup process so you can start protecting and increasing your wealth as you enter those retirement years. As every individual is different the Regal Asset Review team will tailor make a custom package to suit your needs.

Free Regal Assets Review Kit

With a Special Promotion in place for a Limited Time only, first year fees have been waived I would highly recommend Regal Assets as the go to company for setting up your self-directed IRA. The Regal Assets Review team are also giving away a Free Gold Investment Kit, yours to keep, no obligation…


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Finally, I trust you enjoyed reading this Regal Assets Review and have taken action to create your self-directed IRA to protect your retirement years. The world is on a knife’s edge on the financial front and if you have taken steps to bullet proof your latter years why not share this page with your friends and family so they too can protect their income in their retirement years.

Thank you for reading and sharing this Regal Assets Review, the time is right to buy precious metals, the time is now.