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Silver Prices Today:  

Silver has over 10,000 uses, making this precious metal the must have commodity.  Demand for silver is outstripping supply and all the commodity experts agree it’s just a matter of time before silver prices goes on a huge bull run.

Silver has got so many uses in the world today it is more or less irreplaceable in whatever happens in its uses. The use of silver comes in different forms and people who aren’t keen on it do not usually notice they are using it.  This doesn’t mean its usage should be over looked, and it is important the use of the silver is looked at clearly and without rose tinted glasses.  The following will affect silver prices,  uses of silver include but aren’t limited to:

  • Electronics:  Silver is used to form the contacts of switches in electronic appliances.  Many people use switches in many appliances, including Smart Phones, Computers, Laptops, Tablets, TV’s, etc but very rarely do they look back and appreciate the role silver plays in making the things work properly.

silver prices

  • Silver Coins: Silver has for a very long time been used to make the coins of many centuries,  and as a source of currency for those countries.  It has been used to make coins since as early as 700 BC, and lasted as currency anywhere between 200 to 700 years.
  • Photography:  Silver is used in photography, when you take into consideration the fact that the crystals have been used to form images during x-ray sessions. The crystals were used to cast a reflection and form an image when it was important to come to terms with.  Silver has been used in the production of photographs, this is set to increase as images held on CD’s or USB sticks have a shelf life of a few years, whilst photo’s can last for at least 100 years or so.

This ticker is updated every 10 minutes to reflect the current  silver spot price.  This  chart will display the history for the silver prices today with your choice from 1 week,  1 month,  3 month,  6 month,  1 year,  5 year and 10 year silver price history graph.

Gold  & Silver Prices Today: 

This graph shows the gold and silver prices today and historical data going back 10 years.   The spot price of gold has soared over the last 7 years making this investment too expensive for many.   Silver prices is at this moment in time very affordable for most,  making good –  silver as an investment.

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