Stock Market Crash In 2015 ?

Stock Market Crash In 2015 ?

Will the Stock Market Crash In 2015 ?

Those who have been watching the financial markets closely since the near collapse of 2008,  followed by bank bailouts,  quantitative easing and even more financial irregularities, all have one burning  question  “when will the stock market crash?”  No financial expert on either side of the fence really knows,  but perhaps we can narrow it down,  with graphs,  stats and other figures which lean towards a real possibility of a Stock Market Crash in 2015 or 2016.

In this article we will look at various factors which can affect the worldwide monetary sysytem. Before I get into the nitty gritty,  I’m not a doomsday merchant,  tarot card reader, nor a Nostradamus –  I’m going to use plain and simple hard facts which every reader can research for themshelves. Where possible I will list my sources,  so you too,  can come up with your own conclusion.  

Seven Year Cycle for the Stock Market Crash In 2015

Every seven years there is a sesmic shift in the money markets.  Whether its housing,  energy,  stocks, bonds, or currency market,  any one or a combination of these sectors will hit the buffers roughly every seven years.  The last significant crash was in 2008,  Lehman Brothers disappeared as fast as the Dot com mania and the World Trade center in 2001 when the previous crash occurred.  In 1994 the Bond market crashed due a high spate of selling,  pretty much what is going on right now.  Prior to the 1994 crash and my first experience of a stock market crash as a young man was in 1987,  also referred to as Black Monday. 

I couldn’t understand prior to the 1987 crash, why there was a house buying frenzy.   I even went for the ride, spoke to a mortgage advisor trying to make sense of the situation,  but I was more baffled than ever.  (As the saying goes BS baffles the brains).  On the plus side I wasn’t earning enough to get on the property ladder.  People I worked with who lived in desirable areas sold their homes within hours of their property going on the market.  Prior to the 1987 crash the FTSE was trading just short of 2400 points and nose dived to 1600 points a drop of approx. 30%.

In 2008 the stock markets listed below lost the following in % value:

New York – down 33.84%
London – down 31.3%
Paris – down 42.7%
Frankfurt – down 40.4%
Mumbai – down 51.9%
Singapore – down 49.2%
Sydney – down 41.3%
Hong Kong – down 48.3%
Shanghai – down 65.2%
Tokyo – down 42.1%

You may notice in 1987  &  2008 London dropped by approximately 30% However in 2008 the FTSE was trading at 6400 points,  eventually bottoming out in March 2009 at an index value of 3530 – this wiped out £645bn  from the FTSE 100 companies.   In 1987 this figure was apporx £100bn. 

This seven year cycle has fallen in place every seven years going back to the great depression of 1929, with the biggest stock market crash occuring in 1931,  which fits in nicely with the seven year cycle. 

A few days prior to the 1987 Black Monday crash,  the south coast of the UK was hit by a tropical storm,  along with the famous Michael Fish quote – “Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rung the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way… well, if you’re watching,  don’t worry, there isn’t!”  This weather phenomenon may well have an impact on the monetary systems.

Stock Market Crash In 2015

Stock Market Crash in 2015 &  the Weather…

In Jonathan Cahn book “The Mystery Of The Shemitah”,  the author talks about the Jewish calendar and what is referred to as the “29th of Elul”.   In or around the “29th of Elul” there have been huge stock market crashes.  In 17th September 2001 &  29th September 2008 stock markets crashed on the “29th of Elul”.

Some of the stock market crashes on the “29th of Elul” have also coincided with a solar eclipse.  In 1931, a solar eclipse took place on Sept. 12,  eight days later stock markets around the globe crashed.  In 1987,  a solar eclipse took place Sept. 23 – followed by Oct 19th Black Monday.   The next “29th of Elul” and partial solar eclipse is scheduled for Sunday September 13th 2015.

Solar eclipse or not the “29th of Elul” seems a significant date in predicting a possible Stock Market Crash in 2015 .

In the next article we will look at various factors and how this will affect a Stock Market Crash in 2015.